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I think the criticisms of ToB are valid, but I still had a lot of fun with it. Even if it was a bit rushed, for me it feels like everything is rapidly escalating towards the big final climatic encounter, so thematically it works. There are also some really fun encounters.

I haven't tried SoD yet. I am not sure if I ever will. I don't need an interim chapter between BG 1 and 2. I have had so long to head canon that period of my Bhaalspawn's life, I don't really want anything that contradicts that.

If Beamdog ever made a completely new, unrelated FR series using the Infinity Engine, I would almost certainly buy that instead. That would actually be pretty cool. I am generally not into retro gaming, but I find that the IE games have aged well. I could play a new one.

I disliked ToB, but it was precisely for the reason that I very strongly prefer lower level games and not because of any quality issues with ToB. I just simply start losing interest in a game once the characters in the game (PC, companions, NPCs) become god-like (and this has been true for all games: the DA games, TES games, Witcher, everything).

As a sidenote for you, Beamdog has very strongly ruled out making any new games using the IE because they don't see the point of using an engine that is a serious coding pain in the ass to work with and when there are other engines that are so much better (their words). They do currently have a new unannounced game they're working on, for which they have confirmed that it does not use any existing IP and that it uses the Unreal 4 engine.

I do enjoy me some Dungeons and Kobolds. I’ve probably played BG1 twice as often as 2 for that reason. I do like the process of taking a character from a wet behind the ears greenhorn to a weathered veteran, but there is something special about the early part of the adventure. Every encounter carries more risk and danger. I always hate when DMs decide to start an adventure at level 4 or 5. I’d rather start off as a nobody and grow my character organically.

That makes sense about Beamdog and the IE. I’m excited to see what they are cooking up. There aren’t enough RPG studios. I’m worried since Obsidian is making their second first person RPG in a row, that might be their new thing. I had issues with PoE, 2 more than 1, but I’m more interested in party based RPGs than strictly FPRPGs.

Yes exactly. That feeling of vulnerability at low levels is what is a rush for me. Having to run away from a pack of wolves ... priceless. And yes, I also have replayed BG1 way more than BG2.

Re. Obsidian, I have a pretty good feeling Avowed will end up having a third person perspective option. Also, the game will apparently include companions in some form, and not necessarily in the way it was done in TOW. So too early to judge exactly what form that game will end up taking.