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I do enjoy me some Dungeons and Kobolds. I’ve probably played BG1 twice as often as 2 for that reason. I do like the process of taking a character from a wet behind the ears greenhorn to a weathered veteran, but there is something special about the early part of the adventure. Every encounter carries more risk and danger. I always hate when DMs decide to start an adventure at level 4 or 5. (...)

But 2e maintain lethality even on crazy high levels. Karsus, the strongest magician who ever existed? A insanely powerful lv 41 arcanist, the highest of all genius magicians, of the most magic advanced magical kingdom ever who casted his first spell while a baby and the unique guy who casted a 12th tier magic ever, had just 74 hp. A polar bear probably can kill him in one round if he is in a antimagic field and can't use his powerful spells/magical items/contingency/etc.

An single poisoned arrow CAN kill you on 2e at lv 6 depending on your character. 2e also gives way less ho per level up, mainly after lv 10.

Many DM's love to start at lv 5 mainly on 2e and 3.5e cuz there aren't much things that you can do at lv 1/2/3. Hell, Paladins can only start to cast spells on 2e at lv 9. Necromancer specialized wizards only able to raise skeletons on lv 9 too.

Hmmm, it has been a looooong time since I actually played AD&D 2E pen and paper, but in my recent 5E campaign where our party was all lvl 13/14 we were still having some pretty tense encounters. We had a boss fight where our tank (a half orc who is literally Santa Claus) was taken down to 2 HP in only two attacks (one was a really nasty crit) and the only reason we survived the encounter was because Santa was healed by electrical damage, and my lightning attuned monk/sorcerer was hiding behind him hitting him with shocking grasp over and over, or as like to call it, spanking Santa.

... God I love D&D.

So maybe it depends on the DM? I dunno. I’ve had campaigns that maintain the threat for the entire duration. I do get that 5E is a very different beast than 2E, and there is a lot of stuff that has made it easier, but I find it to be overall better designed. I’m having more fun with it than previous iterations.