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Re. Obsidian, I have a pretty good feeling Avowed will end up having a third person perspective option. Also, the game will apparently include companions in some form, and not necessarily in the way it was done in TOW. So too early to judge exactly what form that game will end up taking.

I hope Avowed has a third person camera. I never find 1st person more immersive. I feel more apart of a fictional world if I can see the character I’m playing as, visually place them in the setting. I’m hesitant about Microsoft taking control of any studio, but I’ve always maintained that Obsidian could do great things with proper funding, so we will see.

And I did a complete play through of the BG series to get ready for BG3 EA, but now I want to fire up BG1, again. XD

Maybe I’ll just have some fun; 6 wizard part with perma death and see how far I get. I d that from time to time. Never made t through the Nashkel mines.