As the co-founder of Tyrs Paladium, a renowned gaming guild for those 30 years of age and older, which has one of the best if not THE best track records for longevity in the games we reside in, we KNOW how to keep guildies logging in.

Are there any guild features in the game? I'm assuming there are not any.

Focus on guild life is paramount for this game's success long term. I am convinced that guilds are the LIFE BLOOD of every game that focuses on TEAM PLAY. Period.

I played alpha in DDO and Neverwinter. Extensively. Replayability of any game concerns us. It's why we have branched into a very few games in our 13 years playing together. I'm very interested in how Larian handles guilds, and it established guilds like our will be an after thought and not really play a role in the community, or if we will see a focus on developer outreach that pertains to guild play.

Once I get a feel for this, I can come up with our formula on how we are going to be a positive & constructive part of the Baldurs Gate III community.

Another thought is what is the developer outlook and commitment for this game longterm? DDO was launched in February 2006. They are STILL created fresh new content for that game. But most games flounder and die in the first 1 to 3 years.

Thusfar, I am not impressed with the Larian website for the game. They have to open this site up and take the forums more seriously then this as I find many of the LONG TERM active players DO USE the forums in games we reside in extensively.

We are VERY VERY excited for this game. This official D&D title needs a developer with SERIOUS commitment to the Dungeons & Dragons IP. I think this game is set to do many things great. It's either going to be a raging success or an apocalyptic mess (Swords of the Coast RIP). I think Larian Studios is the RIGHT TEAM and that is why we are heading out to pitch our tent here!! Hail, Hail Rock n Roll!!