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Who cares about balance, this is not a MMORPG, just play with no items and hardcore mode or something.
I want rule the world as a wizard god.

I really dislike this argument, and I see it a lot. Balance is still important in a single player RPG. A game that isn't challenging also isn't as rewarding. It's why there are difficulty options - but balance is just the first step to that. Just stacking numbers higher doesn't make a game feel harder so much as it makes it feel tedious.

I feel just the opposite. Too much balance makes things bland. While PoE1 had one of the best -- if not the best -- stories to appear in an RPG the rules were bland and combat was a chore. And the ruleset was bland because of an excess of balance. There was no one class that stood above the rest, no race or background that stood out. The story of DOS2, on the other hand, was, well present but the ruleset allowed you to become a demigod that could beat the toughest enemies -- youtube is full of suggestions on how to build the strongest possible demigod.

Which doesn't necessarily equate to less challenging -- after figuring out the DOS2 ruleset I focused on beating the hammer twice and getting both of her hammers. After figuring out BG2 I tried to do it again with a solo character.

In D&D more levels means more options -- the wizard who only had and handful of things to do at level 1-5 now has a dozens of options.

TL;DR more levels = more options = more fun.