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Who cares about balance, this is not a MMORPG, just play with no items and hardcore mode or something.
I want rule the world as a wizard god.

I really dislike this argument, and I see it a lot. Balance is still important in a single player RPG. A game that isn't challenging also isn't as rewarding. It's why there are difficulty options - but balance is just the first step to that. Just stacking numbers higher doesn't make a game feel harder so much as it makes it feel tedious.

Challenge and balance are not the same thing.

Look to Dark Souls 2. A naked guy with a club will have a much harder time than a Chaos Rapier Hexer. Probably the strongest build since it has fire and dark damage, a quick attack on close quarters and powerful long range spells. But the game is fun and challenging with both builds. On Gothic 2, mages has way harder time than paladins but this doesn't means that the game is not fun or challenging as a paladin. A dwarf who wanna be a magician on Arcanum has a way harder time than an Elf. This doesn't means that is not a interesting character concept and run. Low int runs on FL 1/2 aren't optimal but are fun.

Balance is some times AGAINST immersion and variety. Pick vtmb for eg, the game is not hard, but Nosferatus has a way tougher time in that game compared to a Tremere for eg. If the devs had removed the clan from the game, killing a little of variety, the game would become more balanced. But better? And if the clan curse was nerfed and the deformity played just a -1 dot for seduction. It would kill the clan identity but would make the game more balanced.

Most amazing RPG's are umbalanced. VtMB? Arcanum? PF:KM? Might & Magic VI - Mandate of Heaven? All imbalanced.