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I'm playing through Baldurs Gate II again atm and just at the beginning where you lose Imoen from the party and you know what... IT SUCKS. Now I don't have a good rogue... And now if they don't put the option in (which wouldn't have to be super perfectly balanced I woudln't think, maybe you could just play around with the difficulty a bit) I'll have to wait indefinitely for a what could very well be a buggy mod (holy crap did we have some issues with DOSII mods even well after it had been out for a while) or might not ever even be created. I'm sure someone will TRY, but how long will it take and how functional will it be is entirely unknown and up in the air when it could be built right into the game and actually work... frown

You do not really need a rogue in 5e to open locks, disable stuff and be proficient in sneaking, tho. Any class (even a fighter in medium armour could do that, or in heavy armour with only disadvantage in sneak too)

That´s the same for all the skills. Any character could be trained in any skill and be competent at it, due to your class, background or feat. 5e is very flexible in that regard.

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