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While you're right that they're not synonymous, challenge is a part of balance.

No, is not. If I wanna play VtMB as a Nosferatu, i expect that the deformity of the clan will make do most quests extremely harder. Because it makes perfectly sense.

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Balancing a game also isn't just making sure everyone is on an even playing field. Specifically in an RPG it's making sure the player isn't being hit with ridiculous difficulty spikes or sections of the game that are incredibly too easy.

That i STRONGLY disagree. If you decided to enter in a great wryvn lair at lv 4, you will get a really hard time. Having points on the history where the PC can take a huge challenge in exchange for a huge reward or points where he can enjoy a "power fantasy" by killing hordes of enemies easily is not bad.

Did you played gothic 2?

You in chapter 2 are send on valley of mines to SCOUT!!! Not to try to be the hero and kill all orks. If you try that, you will gonna die. Even if you have the Beliar's Claw as a warrior, you have no chance. Your mage, able to cast only circle 2 spells too. Not much chance against then.

However, when later in the game, you enter the valley of mines, you can now easily kill everyone who gave a really hard time and you had no chance. That is so satisfying... Mods from G2 like returning 2.0 maintain this formula and being able to end an ork army... This is so satisfying. Mainly when you spended hours running from then and now can >

Even D&D 4e which puts balance above everything else, included the "minion" rule.

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Nerfing something or shifting its numerical values does not inherently change the identity of anything, for the second half of that. There are many ways to skin a cat, so to speak.

Wrong. See spells on nwn2. They are trash.

Nerfing summons from CL * 2 hit dice of undead to a single undead literally killed necromancy in this game. Cloudkill is worthless and so on. Yes, nerfing some things can KILL an playstyle. And balance is entire subjective. See how many people complain about shotguns on BF 1/BF5, literally the least used weapon ever. I play nwn2 with spell fixes.


Modern MMOs are trash exactly cuz they put balance above everything else. On 90s, mmos was like SP games. Ultima Online and Dark Sun Online : Crimson Sands are extremely umbalanced but extremely fun. Modern mmos are trash. I don't wanna that the same thing who ruined mmos, ruins SP games too.