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I sometimes wonder if people do know how D&D5E´s creatures, uniforms and the city of Baldur´s gate actually look like before making comparisons...

Fair enough about the characters. But I wasn't really talking about the character design. I was talking about the general art direction, the entire look and feel. Let me show you what I mean.

If you would show those screenshots to someone who doesn't know both games, I assure you he'd tell you it's from the same game and the same level/map.

And there is something about the graphic portrayal about all the characters and assets that makes it look like the exact same game, that just got some graphical updates.

Exactly as I said earlier about combination of medieval ruins and generic statues. This represents 90% of repetitive DOS2 scenarios.

Some months ago people criticized me when I said that Larian should aim for the Intro cinematic trailer portrait of color/look. Many people said it was ridiculous.

Now Swen gives an interview that they pushed the team to achieve the exact same goal.

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