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Some of us just like building overpowered characters. For me that's part of the game, figuring out the cracks in the foundation of the ruleset and widening them. It's just fun to build an overpowered character to walk through battles -- especially battles that you once had to run from.

[Note: I'm NOT calling you stupid. I totally respect your right to your preference.]

No worries. This is a video game forum -- the battles are so heated because the stakes are so low and all that. smile

I also don't think my tastes are all that uncommon -- it's just that most people don't say it out loud. Get onto various BG2 playthroughs on youtube and you will find solo mages with all the kewl stuff (staff of the magi, the one ring, ring of wizardry, robe of vecna ) defeating this boss or another. Same goes for DOS2. One of the reasons I'm cautiously optimistic about Larian is that they seem to understand that the rule of cool is the most important rule of all.

Take 5th edition -- compare to 2nd ed magic item are really de-emphasized. But people still have loot lust -- take one of the 5th edition stars Arkhan the Cruel : https://criticalrole.fandom.com/wiki/Arkhan . Hand of Vecna, unholy axe, Wreath of the Prism, orb of dragonkind, unique armor. And he's the chosen of a powerful god. So in the edition that continually stresses that the focus is on the PC and not the loot we find out that one of the stars walks around like a Christmas tree adorned with the most powerful items in the game. God level play is fun.

And that's the way it's always been -- the people who preach balance create power players. Gary Gygax always stressed the need to strip players of powerful stuff (that's why rust monsters exist) and he told DMs to mock players who wanted to build for power. But when he released the stats of Mordenkainen it was clear that his character was yet another power play build. I mean he carried a key that could open *any* door for crissakes.

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But having said that, I also do agree that there is such a thing as going too far in the pursuit of balance. I prefer games took a 'happy medium' approach on this issue.

I think we're largely in agreement. Let players get powerful and then give them a real challenge. Let players have all the loot and have it taken away from them. Or ban certain classes from co op play. But let balance lovers and power players play the game they like.