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(...)It would be, if for example, you were send to clear the area, and you could easily do it with mage, but not with warrior. (...)

Well, be a mage in gothic 1/2 is far harder than be a melee class and guess what. It makes perfectly sense. A warrior can max out his physical strength and master his fighting style on about lv 15. Meanwile, a mage needs to find someone able and willing to teach him, Corristo, only accepts you on chapter 2 after you clean a mine of minecrawlers which is pretty hard if you are saving LP to be a mage, after it, you need to spend LP to learn magical circles and mana and only learning the basic circles costs more LP than maximizing a physical attribute and on gothic 2 is even harder since you also needs to learn runemaking and find the ingredients. You can't buy most runes.

And guess what. It makes perfectly sense. There are only one circle 6 guy in the entire G1 game, Xardas. All powerful magicians are really old, so taking far more time to become a might mage makes perfectly sense. Gothic is not high magic as D&D for eg and the game mechanics and narrative are in line.

And returning 2.0 made even harder. Now instead of a "generic" mage, you have the circle of fire, water, darkness and the gurus. Each one with a very limited spell selection. If you are a water magician, you will gonna have a really hard time against ice golems for eg and the ice dragons which is the strongest one on valley of mines. Dark magicians suffers a lot vs undead and demons and so on.

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For apostles of balance, players should never be confronted with encounters that don't challenge them. The rule of cool says sometimes absurdly imbalanced encounters are fun.

Yep. Some people fail to realize that RPG's aren't "RTS" games. They should be more like fictional living breathing worlds.

When balance makes the game MORE fun, immersive and cool, is welcomed.
When balance makes the game LESS fun, immersive and cool, is not welcomed.

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