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But having said that, I also do agree that there is such a thing as going too far in the pursuit of balance. I prefer games took a 'happy medium' approach on this issue.

I think we're largely in agreement. Let players get powerful and then give them a real challenge. Let players have all the loot and have it taken away from them. Or ban certain classes from co op play. But let balance lovers and power players play the game they like.

Yes in a single-player game, you will not find a more vocal defender than me of the right of players to play their game however they want. Nothing steams me more than when someone tries to tell me how I should play my game, for example that my "save-scumming" or my "over-use of resting" or my wish to save anywhere anytime, etc., should be banned in the game. So if power-gamers like you want to power-game, that's fine with me. The problem on the "balance" issue specifically is that it isn't just the player that gains the freedom to play as they please. Too often the game devs themselves use/abuse power-builds to throw ridiculous opponents at the player, and this I don't care for one bit. And BG2 is a great, perhaps even a classic, example of this, where almost every single battle (especially in ToB) has one or more hyper-powerful wizards. Since when did Elminster-equivalent wizards become so commonplace? That's just ridiculous. And then what's even worse for me is that while wizards are ridiculously unbalanced (often even in an unfair way) towards being hyper-powerful, fighters are unbalanced in the opposite way towards being ridiculously under-powered and useless. So the game is engaging in favoriticism towards players who love wizards/spellcasting while screwing over players who love fighters/melee combat. How is that "fun" for me?

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