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But ... let decide the players, I would like it with optional 6. Even without extra modding there were already old screenshots of a very old stage of baldurs gate 3 showing 5 player portraits. Hah!

While our party will consist of 4 people it seems there will be possibility for more units to temporary join our team. There are summons, pets, familiars but also temporary quest companions, if I understood Larian correctly. So it's possible we will have 5 or more characters in our party in certain situations.

Do you have a source about followers that may be companions ?
I don't really remember about it.

Anyway temporary followers is not really the same as companions.
As many players, I like management and a party of 6 instead of 4 is 150% more management smile

Swen also talked about it on a recent interview on YouTube. That was when Swen also mentioned that the UI was designed to handle more party members, so the game could easily be modded to accommodate 6 characters.

If it's so easy, why don't they just do it? I ask this rhetorically. I suspect its not ultra difficult but of course would take some of their time and they don't want to spend any time on it apparently which I think is kind of a crock since so many players obviously want it. It seems like they just simply don't want to, and if they did it would be begrudgingly while giving us 6 char requesting folks some serious side eye. But you want input and here it is, we want six. It's the most requested thing for the game it seems like pretty much or at the very least one of! If it can be "easily" modded then why not just make it an option built into the game so that we know it will actually work.

And yeah the companions are temporary, kind of like summons, like the bear cub or whatever it was. Not a full character and probably either when it dies, it dies or it's just a fun addition to the party but not really anything super special.

We (my gf and I) played DOSII w/ the 6 story char plus 2 of our own creation for a total of 8 plus any temp followers, summons etc. They know how to make their engine handle more numbers without a problem. In this case they just simply don't want to, but I don't want to rely on an unstable mod again and trying to figure out how to remotely balance the game myself, which took playing through the whole game with the mods in play just to see how it balanced out anyway. They could do that and make a reasonably balanced experience for 6 as well as 4. And again the dialogue wasn't an issue in DOSII and I don't see why it would have to be in BG3 either. Each character had a set of interactions based on situations and others in the party etc. They could do the same thing.

So yeah, they know we want it, they just don't want to. But it's "easy"... And lots of people want it, but we have to rely on a modder to do the work for us and not the game developer. K...