Yeah, because arcane knights can cast spells he he
Try single-class champions, that all their abilities are passives...
I supposse some people would like to play using only the "I attack" button but I understand what @killerRabbit meant.

About playing unbalancing games.

That´s well and good in single-player games, because It does not matter how you want to play. Solo mage? Overpowered Kineticist? Useless halfling whip barbarian you have fun with? A party with 5 bards because you want it? Yeah, do it.

But since the game would have MP option the balance becomes more important. All players in the party should feel that they are doing something worthy whatever character they want to play. MP games with a party of ranged rangers with fighters or necros; or entire servers full of clerics and weapon masters builds and no high-level bards in sight does not attract players because those builds are so over others that if you try to play another class you are effectively hampering the other party members because they could not try greater challenges due to a weak link (Yeah, Dos2 and NWN, I´m looking at you).

In the end some classes or builds would be best in some roles or situacionally against some creatures or in a particular terrain, but at least it is expected that all of them would be competent and playable.

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