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If it's so easy, why don't they just do it? I ask this rhetorically. I suspect its not ultra difficult but of course would take some of their time and they don't want to spend any time on it apparently which I think is kind of a crock since so many players obviously want it.

Clearly they believe BG3 will be better with four characters. The game will be balancing around 4 player party. Giving official support for a bigger party also creates an expectation for it to be of high quality. When players mod 6 player parties it will break the balance. Some might not care about it, or might see it as a worthy traidoff, but that's not something a company would want to add as an officially sanctified version. They want you to play with a party with 4. And they said, that for those who don't want that, it should be easy to mod.

They say that it should be easy to mod, but we don't even know if BG3 will be coming to consoles like XBox or Playstation. And even if it does, do you really think that there will be mod support? How long did it take for Skyrim to receive mod support for consoles? The point is, I would much rather having a party of 6 be included, and then players who want a "balanced" game could stick with 4, while those who are more casual gamers can play BG3 like a real Baldur's Gate game, and have a party of 6.