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I don't know why anyone would chose to play a single class fighter in any ruleset.

I would, because melee combat is the most fun type of combat of all. And by contrast, casting some spell is what's truly boring. You're not really doing anything. Someone's written a "cool" spell for you, and all you're doing is pressing a button to "cast" it. BORING!!

To each their own. If given the choice between being the badass with the sword who charges the dragon or the coward with the wand who hangs back and launches lightning bolts at the dragon I‚Äôll pick the latter every time. ūüėĀ

Absolutely. If that's what you enjoy, that's how you should be able to play. I'm perfectly happy that a game would provide for that kind of playstyle for you. So I cannot understand why people (not you) would get on my case for preferring a different playstyle.