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The ideal is that everyone is able to play the game they like. But that's not always possible, in practice you can't please all the people all the time. I usually feel like my favored style frustrated by devs who want to nerf, restrict, increase cool down time etc. These decisions are usually combined with readings from gospel of balance -- a creed that says my favorite playstyle is "stupid and pointless". And perhaps that's right -- but I don't care if it is. colors if they want and the balance lovers don't feel obligated to power up to make it through the encounter.

On this note and though its preliminary, I'm excited to see the prospects of playing a rogue of any flavor or any character with stealth ability in this game...DDO's handling of sneaking/shadows/etc is the closest to ideal handling of stealthy play that I remember experiencing (been years though since I played any of that) in a computer based game, but what Larian has demonstrated thus far is encouraging.

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