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Am I the only one here who always plays Cleric? 🙄 I can charge the dragon AND cast a spell with a wand!

I have played a cleric once and only once. And by once I don’t mean one adventure, I mean one session. I managed to fall into disfavor with my patron god almost immediately, became a fallen priest, was given the option to undertake a personal quest of redemption by the DM, and chose instead to retire and reroll. 😂

I am not a pious player. Give me wizards, warlocks, monks, and rogues (or some combination of these), and I’m good. I like druids as far as mechanics go, but have a hard time role playing them, as I don’t like being okay smelling bad.

Come to think of it, I’ll play literally any other class before clerics. I don’t even like having them in my party. Paladin? Sure. Cleric? I don’t trust them.