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i.e if you kill a wolf that rewards a solo player with 600 xp, every member of a party of 4 would have 150xp and every member of a party of 6 would only have 100xp

It might be a nice boost for “less characters” challenge, but it is still what it is - game is designed around a certain party size. In BG1&2 that’s 6, in BG3 it’s 4.

I think it is more intuitive to understand that if you take less companions then possible you make things unintentionally difficult for yourself, then that if you exceed 60% of permitted team size you make things for yourself unintentionally easy.

Isn't the fact that you can do the entire old games alone while it is designed for 6 a proove that the balance is not that bad ?
(Even if, of course it increase the difficulty).

We'll also have difficulty level not to increase too much the difficulty. I.E P:K have tons of options so players can create their own custom difficulty level. That could easily solve the problem of "a game designed for" and allow players to custom their experience.

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The unbalance doesn't have anything to do with the XP you get. Even though the 4 characters will get more XP than 6 characters, becoming stronger individually, the encounters are the problem. The initiative turns become much more advantageous if you are 6 compared to 4, no matter how powerful the characters are. Cause with the system in place right now, your chances to get consecutive characters in initiative order and thus being able to play whoever you like to get an edge in combat would be too high.

And there is another problem with relying on XP to balance the game, it would mean no characters in a group of 6 would ever reach level 10 by the end of the game, and so many players would complain their favorite chars were too weak until completion of the adventure. Tricky to balance this.

The more room you leave between full group number and lonewolf playthrough enjoyment, the crazier more difficult it is to balance.

I hear what you say about Initiative even if I don't really think it's a game breaking thing.
About levels, I don't really see why it's a problem that you can't reach the same levels at the end of the game. In every games, only players doing every side quests and combats ande stuff that gives XP reach the higher level. I don't feel sad because I don't reach it. Level 10 is not the cap anymore so everyone will be able to reach it.

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