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The DA games are story-focused, single-player, party-based, high-fantasy cRPGs. They are in every way a part of the same genre as the IE games, just simply newer.

Agreed, the key concept here being "story, single player, party and high fantasy". A game that checks all those boxes, no matter the camera style, is in the same genre as the IE games, in my opinion.

Yup. These four plus combat system are the five boxes on my personal core criteria checklist. I have many more preferences and wants and likes, of course, but those are all very much secondary. These five are the ones that can potentially be dealbreakers for me if they're absent. A game doesn't have to check every one of those five boxes. But each box unchecked is a major strike against the game, and once you get to about three boxes unchecked, odds are against my being interested in that game.