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Hey hey now, let's at least be friendly if romancing eachother isn't on the table 🙈

I suppose it's fair to remind that all of these updates are just targeted focus news on particular subjects, it doesn't mean either one of them has gotten more resources or attention at the expense of something else. Sometimes, we can have both the cake and the icing - Perhaps having enjoyable character development and writing, and in depth cinematics of its events playing out is possible. This is what any of us likely would hope to see be the case in the end, anyway.

I for one am not ready to jump to any conclusions until October 6th.

Well, by default it does actually mean that other areas of the game got fewer resources since resources have been taken up to create detailed sex scenes...because they would have had more resources if Larian decided not to create explicit sex scenes. I'll never understand why a D&D video game feels the need to spend so much time and money on mature, adult content like this when it adds nothing to the game. Alluding to it, as other games have done, is all that is needed; if you want to see the explicit content you might as well just go lookup up internet porn...at least its free. This is the first time i've actually seen Larian make a decision about a game that has me seriously considering supporting Larian anymore.