Okay, I started the negativity, so sorry for that...

I think the decision has to do more with the shift in tone Larian wants to emphasize with this title that BG3 is an adult game without the silliness of which a lot of people accused their Divinity franchise.

To be frank, I was expecting something like that to be in the game, with the whole campsite stuff and all, so I am not that surprised they chose to do the romance cinematics.

It still can be a great game with great character writing even if they included somewhat explicit cinematics. I mean Dragon Age: Origins is one of my all-time favourite titles and it had both cringy sex scenes and great companions and stories connected to their personal journeys.

On the brighter side, I am really curious about the whole in party conflict how it will play out between the companions.

I am also interested what happens to the companions whom you leave behind at the end of the Act 1, do they die, like in Divinity 2, or they turn into mindflayers or something… I can’t wait to find out.