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This isn't D&D. This is pre teen masturbatory soap opera trash.

This kind of cringe garbage makes me REALLY not want this game now. It keeps looking worse and worse with every update.

I'm still optimistic and I like the direction they are going. I (*cough*, *hack*) remember when Bioware first announced that they were going to include romances and I thought worst idea, ever. this is going to be trolling gold , this will sink the game And I was wrong. Turned out to be my favorite part of the game and -- as you can see from the many, many BG2 romance mods that's also true for many BG2 fans.

Now I do hope you can still have an intimate friendship path with NPCs that you don't want to bang. My favorite 'romance' ever was Durance from PoE1 -- we never made the beast with two backs but he confided in me and my decisions determined his fate.

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