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Nope, not mad about romance. I'm upset with sexually explicit content.

I doubt we're going to be seeing any 'peepees' and 'weewees', so I wouldn't call it sexually explicit. Personally, the whole romance thing, sexually charged or not, is of no significance to me whatsoever, and from my own worldview, resources could have been devoted to other more important things. But that's me. Plenty of other people probably love this stuff and find it to be a significant element to the overall appeal of the game.

Yes, everyone gets their own opinion and what they want out of the game. But if sexual content is a "significant element to the overall appeal of the game" to someone then I'm sure someone could refer them to other games where that is supposed to be a bigger part of the game. IMO, this is Dungeons & Dragons and sexual content shouldn't even be on the list of things to put in the game. Playing P&P it's easy and quick to allude to explicit content and be done with it. This, however, is a video game and Larian has opted to put significant resources towards creating sexual content that adds nothing to the game that the classic fade-out didn't also add. Now if I buy the game, i'm really only getting a % of the total content because I don't care for watching sex scenes.

Hey, I agree that this stuff really doesn't seem like it belongs in D&D. I think it's overdone in movies and TV as well. Just doesn't seem necessary, and is often boring. But Larian doesn't seem to me like the sort of company who would willy-nilly decide to throw so much time into something that they haven't vetted. If they didn't and it continues to be received the way it has in this thread, they'll lose more than any of us.