What do we need? visual proof that this is something more than just DOS2 with an upgraded graphics engine. PR promises are not enough.

So far they have shown NOTHING that is reminiscent of any of the previous Baldur's Gate entries.

Being set in Forgotten Realms and featuring one of the canonical Forgotten Realms gods is not enough to make it a Baldur's Gate game if none of the actual "game" remains.

- no open world
- no late game party dynamics or changes
- no ai scripting or dynamic combat
- no day/night cycle
- no random encounters
- no meaningful alignment (as per WotC)
- ... I could go on.

Instead all we have been shown are improvements to the DOS2 parts of the game, and the pre-teen masturbation fodder.

This game gets worse and worse with every update, and it absolutely does not deserve the BG title. This is just "random D&D module made by Larian" as far as I am concerned.

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