I haven't seen any reference to this, but I am wondering whether there will be crafting in BGIII (and if so, how much). My suspicion is that this is at least part of what the "camp followers" are for, but I don't imagine we'll see it in EA. At least until we establish to the characters' knowledge that they aren't going to sprout tentacles in the very near future, I could see an argument that "there isn't time for that", but at some point I would hope we see something along those lines, whether it's shards of an item like in BG2 or genuine crafting like NWN2. I was somewhat disappointed in Kingmaker - having skinned the Crag Linnorm (and later the dragon), I discovered the only use was to sell the scales for a bit of gold. I ended up putting them in my kingdom storage as a "trophy", but there really should have been more you could do with such things.