DOS2 crafting was almost the exact opposite of what I'd be looking for from a crafting system. Making consumables (which you mostly don't use because the duration isn't long enough) and low quality gear out of scraps found everywhere maybe works in an MMO where you might be grinding for money, but for a single player (or low number of multiplayer) CRPG, gathering a few special ingredients for a more exotic item (you used to be able to make good armor from Bulette hide or Ankheg chitin, for example) or a more "legendary" weapon is what I had in mind - the venom sack of the spider matriarch we saw in Swen's attempt to get to the underdark, a special dagger taken from a cultist leader, maybe a rare gem, and you have a dagger of venom. Gear you wouldn't just toss or sell if you found it in a chest. I thought crafting in NWN2 was pretty good - I was able to make a suit of mithril plate for my warlock (I took the feat that let you wear medium armor), and I don't think I saw another suit of that in the entire game.

If they're not doing crafting, one has to wonder why you're dragging around a retinue of "camp followers" like the Svirfneblin who we're told will eventually join you as a follower if you rescue him enough (personally I'm speeding up the windmill and sending him into orbit at least once). And what they're doing to replace the githyanki ability to be proficient in another set of tools (though that would solve the "only 1 rogue problem).

It's not a make or break thing for me (as long as it doesn't force you to make dozens of poison fish pies so your undead party member can actually heal after a rough fight - I ended up carrying around so many void tainted fish of different kinds there should have been an achievement "toxic fishmonger"), but I was curious to see what, if anything they do. If the mission is time sensitive (and it at least starts that way) it's completely fair to say "making stuff takes time you don't have" and drop it.