I like crafting in MMO because it's often well done and usefull but in solo games in which the story is what matter, I usually find it boring.
Plant, plant, flower, plant, skin, flower, skin, plant,... things everywhere to create useless potion, useless weapons and useless armors... That's absolutely not fun to me.

Not sure it can be call "craft" but the specific items you can create in BG 2 suited very well to a D&D game to me.
(flail of ages, the equalizer, short bow of gesen,...)

It was a simple feature but incredible to me because it was like side quests in which every steps leaded you closer to your very special and powerfull weapon.

I'd really LOVE they implement that kind of quests/craft/items in BG3.

+ That's another easy and enjoyable feature for BG3 to become a little bit more BG smile
+ That's an easy way of creating "quests" starting on a map (act) and ending on another one, which looks important to me in a game where the FR worldmap is full of invisible walls.

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