I don’t mind crafting, sometimes I quite enjoy it. But collecting the things gets tiresome.

DOS games are far from the only offenders, but they were particularly egregious. Go into a room and there’s stuff in chests, desks, barrels, jars, bookcases, shelves, cabinets, as well as like a hundred items just lying in the open. You press the tab key (or whatever it was) and whole screen is covered in the labels of all the things to click on. Urgh!

Then they made it even worse with the “lucky charm” mechanic, which meant that any innocuous container could give you something really good. Jesus, who thought of that one?

I know it’s partly my fault for wanting to pick up anything and everything that might useful or valuable, but it doesn’t have to be like this. Just put anything I might want to collect in one or two places and make it obvious that that’s where I should look.

Maybe it’s more “realistic” to fill the game with items scattered all over the place, but I just don’t care. Does anyone actually enjoy the monotony of searching and looting each room like this?