Gray Ghost, I appreciate what you said above. Women are not a monolith and Shadowheart is supposed to be a badass cleric of Shar, not a dainty noblewoman--but that wasn't even masculine, it was just normal movement. She looked like a person.

As for the topic at hand, I hold as always to the standard of "it's better not to do anything than to do something stupid." We've seen some very janky animations in-game so far for the most part--but on the other hand, we're still early in development. The best is yet to come.

As of the 6th we'll get to give feedback on what we see firsthand, in any case. I'm quite sure that anything which looks bad now will attract outcry and be altered in the following years. I like the rest of the update--it's just the sex scenes I'm tepid about for the time being, but I'm sure the final versions would be better than what we saw. I'm just not convinced we need to see them at all; implied sex and visualized intimacy (read: intimate moments of conversation while naked but not necessarily showing anyone's bits, just shoulders) are always better than a dorky, janky sex scene with fingers clipping unnaturally through hair. That wouldn't be good enough if it was the final product.

I'm far from a prude, but I do want any sex scenes that happen to feel not awkward. That's very important to me. It's better to focus on depicting passion than thinking from a perspective of "one must make digital porn." No, above all else, one must make the scene believable, and sometimes that means making sure you DON'T show anything that would break the immersion. I'd rather pick text options on a black screen and hear some good sexy-sounding voice acting than cringe as my dwarf gets a hand stuck through her breast and into her rib cage.