Yeah, exactly! I never thought for a moment that the animations for Astarion in that first camp cutscene we saw were going to be endgame level. I do want better for the romance scenes, but I'm sure they will either give that to us or figure out another way.

I sort of hope for snogging, but well... I guess it's difficult to find a balance for that, especially with so many permutations of body shapes. And honestly, that kind of thing is only worth watching if it's really well done, which is hard because lips are so squishy.

I also want to add that after watching the update again, I feel like I should emphasize that some of what I saw, I really liked. The idea that you can just sort of talk and make flirty eyes at someone while having a sip or two of wine and banter is really nice. I've seen people talk like the whole thing was porn, but it really wasn't. I've got some strong hopes for the in-game interpersonal connections.