I can't say that I agree with a cap at level 10. I get the whole part of 5E being of a faster progression. However what I hate about 5E is the fact that customization of the character has ben taken down to bare bones. Also the fact that 5E has for the most part killed the fun and wonder of multiclassing. Yes I admit I'm a staunch supporter of 3.5 and all of it's various ways you could customize a character and the different routes you could take it. I understand that 5E sought to streamline everything with it's subclass/specialization system for each class. Yet at the end of the day to me it seems rather lackluster and very underwhelming. So then if the cap in this game is at 10 then those of us who enjoy multiclassing are going to be very hindered in the game. Even in Pathfinders PC rpg there was a level 20 cap and multiclassing was very much evident as was the prestige class system. Granted I understand that was using Pathfinder 1st edition which was written under the OGL same as 3.5, but this is why I say things have been watered down to much in regards to 5E to the point for more experienced players (those that I've spoken with personally), it's taken the enjoyment out of the game.