Dear Larian,

I'm a long term RPG player (a little bit more than 25 years, both digital and pen&paper, DMing and playing), I'm going to buy the early access to BG3 and I'm planning to play it on PC. Speaking about romance & companionship, I'd love to play it on couch co-op with my wife: is this option going to be available on early access? That would be lovely! ;-)

Warmest regards,
Nicola Testoni

I'm loving the Divinity Original Sins series, and currently playing DOS2 in co-op with a friend in Paris. With other friends of ours we used to play D&D since 1994: we run weakly a campaign that lasted 14 years swapping our roles as DM and player. We are both thankful to you for letting us renew our friendship over the net through sharing high quality times through DOS2 and we are both eager to play BG3. I'm sure you won't disappoint us, so please extend our gratefulness to all the Larian team!