Hey everyone!

Today, we’re rolling out Larian Accounts, which are opt-in accounts that will grant you access to Larian services across the many platforms we release our games on.

It’s early days, but signing up now helps us stress-test the service as we roll out more features. It’s entirely optional (you don’t need an account to play Baldur’s Gate 3), but in the future it’ll be the account that links your adventures together.

For example, your account will be how we facilitate cross-saves for Baldur’s Gate 3 across Steam, Stadia, and GOG, as well as potential future platforms if and when released.

This is also where you’ll get access to the Twitch extension so your audience can vote on different decisions your character will make throughout the game.

Cross-play multiplayer between future platforms will also be happening through the Larian account, though this feature is not available Day 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3’s Early Access.

We understand that you may have multiple accounts across our channels at the moment. The Larian Account is not currently connected to our merch account. This service is very much in the same spirit as Early Access, and we have a roadmap of features to add over time.

Signing up early helps us make the service better, and while we’re excited to offer you cross-saves now, the future of your Larian Account is all the brighter for having you on board from day 1!

Join our party by signing up for a Larian Account at the following link: Larian Account

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