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I don't see why it is such a bad thing that some people are disappointed that RTwP isn't the combat system. It seems like any time someone states a preference for RTwP they get jumped on for being "nostaligic" and wanting "outdated 2d graphics" as if that is what people are talking about.

I dunno, the deeper I dig in to these forums as a new user the more and more I see why there is a split in the community, and the less inclined I am to want to be a part of it.

...but it's a debate between two options, which is a split not just in the BG3 community on these forums, but across every community where those two options are put against each other.
This topic is inherently going to be arguing opposing viewpoints.

But anyhow, I'm fine with either, honestly. I prefer pause in games where the AI customization allows for depth and sensible options that are better than "attack or "defense," but in general I prefer turn-based more because I feel more involved somehow, like I have to make the sum of all decisions in one go instead of constantly picking and poking. I guess turn-based is just more relaxed to me.

I don't want to fall to bits 'cos of excess existential thought.