Trin Turambar, Son of Hrin, Lord of Dor-lmin, and Morwen, and brother of Lalaith and Nienor.
When he fled Doriath after he named himself outlaw he named himself Naithan 'The Wronged' while he dwelt among the Gaurwaith.

*claps* Very good! *gives a cookie* Turin Turambar's my favourite Tolkien character, and he has quite a lot of names. *hugs Narn i Hin Hurin*

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I am saying and giving my vote to Anthea, as she has the most beautiful, and the most difficult to read <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> name.
Is it elvish ?

I'm not Anthea, but which "Elvish" do you want? Because I can assure you that it is no Tolkien Elvish, Sindarin or Quenya or otherwise.

huh sorry Turin is definitely dwarven, not elvish

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Turin Turambar was a human, and his names are not related to Dwarvish at all. Considering that Trin is his first and foremost name - as in, his parents named him so, as opposed to the other names which he attached to himself - it was probably Quenya. Trin means "he who desires mastery"; Turambar translates to "master of fate". Neithan, Mormegil, Adanedhel, Agarwaen, Gorhol are his other names, and half of them have roots in Elvish.

I think you're confusing it with Thorin.