Hey there! I'm just mucking around a bit in the character creator and I've noticed three glaring discrepancies with half-elf player options, at least when compared to the player's handbook. These could be oversights, or they could be deliberate choices by Larian; if it's the latter case, that's fine, but I am curious to know why.

1) The game seems to default to using the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide half-elf variants but... there's no option for the PHB half elf! In the PHB, instead of having a feature based off one's parent's race, a half elf could have proficiency in any two skills of their choice. That does not seem to be available, only the high, wood or drow options.

2) The drow half-elf's dancing lights cantrip is a once per long rest use, rather than being at-will like all other cantrips. I assume this is a bug.

3) In the SCAG, half-elves can also choose to have the weapon proficiencies of their elven parents (longbows, longsword, shortsword and shortbow) rather than a cantrip, fleet of foot, etc. This also isn't an option here, and I admit, that's disappointing. I've played a few half-elf builds in the tabletop that relied on those weapon proficiencies and I hope that option can be added to the game.

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