Well we sure talk about the same books. The story took place in France during the revolution. And If I am correct, there was a part that Angelique, joined a thieves party.


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About Angélique : the books have been writen by a couple of french people :
Anne and Serge Golon, i think they were married.
It was during the early sixties.
The books were very successful and there were 5 movies about the adventures of Angélique,
with a very beautiful women with red hair, Michèle Mercier.
The story did not take place during the french revolution but about 200 years before.
It was during the reign of Louis XIV (le roi soleil), about 1660-1680.
You are right, Angélique joined a thieves guild during some times.

In Paris, i live in the place were most of the thieves guild took place during this period.
These places were called "Cour des miracles".

In his novel "Notre Dame de Paris", the writer Victor Hugo talked of the thieves guilds in Paris.


thnx for the info Barta. It was really interesting. Unfortunatelly I have not found yet a good translated publication of the books. The Greek publications of those series were really poor. I liked it, even though the translation was very bad. Hope that it will published again sometime and be better. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wave.gif" alt="" />

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