I got 2 quick ones:
1) When Nettie poisoned me, I changed into force turn based mode, stole the antidote from her, then two rounds later or so she said that she'd give me the antidote if I promised to drink the wyvern poison. So I promise, she gives me the wyvern poison, then she gets about half way through pulling out the antidote then her dialogue suddenly cut off and it skipped it. She didn't even have an antidote to pull out because I stole it. Something that might happen a lot, I dunno.

2) When I killed all the goblins/wargs that tied the deep gnome to the windmill, I knocked out the one that Wyll said he wanted to not kill. So Wyll has his conversation asking where Spike is, and then after, says the goblin doesn't deserve to live, then kills him. After that, Wyll has a ! pop up over his head, and he's upset at me for killing the goblin. Must've missed something saying that he already talked to the goblin or something, I dunno.

Games great though!