Dueling fighting style requires you to only wield one weapon at hand. You can have a shield at the other but not a second weapon, nor you can hold a versatile weapon with both hands. Versatile weapons do greater damage if you do hold them with both hands. So they should not work together while using both hands with a single weapon.

As with Soulstalker's correction, you can also gain both benefits of "Dueling" and "Great Weapon Fighting" if you are wielding a versatile weapon with one hand.

Can you check your combat log to see if +2 damage roll is added?
  • Because if it's added, it's a BUG.
  • If it's not added, we still need a way to use "one hand only" to get benefit from dueling when we want. It's a FEATURE missing. wink

I can also check this when i play late evening wink

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