Hi Larian, I thought I would give my feedback from the perspective of someone who was looking forward to a D&D game using the 5e ruleset. However, fit feels more like a thin veneer of D&D over a DOS skin.

I wrote this out many times with lists etc, but in the end, for me, it comes down to 3 major areas:

1) Combat does not feel like D&D 5e and instead feels like DOS
2) Camera/movement very clunky and ruins immersion in the game
3) Roleplay options in dialogue - consistency based on type of person I am

I list some of the reasons below. But, I was wondering... will you continue to shape the game more like D&D and less like DOS or do you envision the game releasing much as it is now, just more polished?

BTW, it is a beautiful game and I appreciate all the work you put into it.


1) Combat does not feel like D&D
- You have the action economy (action, bonus and reaction). This is good, but not fully correct yet (like spells with bonus weapons)
- Weapons have abilities, like pin with bow or smash with hammer. Not a D&D thing, feels like DOS
- Environmental effects everywhere all the time. Not really a D&D thing (maybe rarely). REALLY feels like DOS
- Class abilities not formed (ie no choice for fighter at 1st lvl to be good at archery or dual wielding etc. Thief Sneak attack only selectable instead of just on)

2) Camera/character movement clunky
- I am trying to move the camera around to get the best look and it is all over the place. Completely removes me from the experience. I would LOVE to have the ability to have the camera follow the character as I move them with the wsad keys. Then when combat occurs and initiative starts, be able to swap to a top down view. Even a grid option would be cool.

3) Roleplay
- I find it very fun in games like this to come up with a personality for my main character, like sarcastic, happy/nice, angry/mean, power hungry etc. Having consistent dialogue choices for that thematically plays well with the game and what I envision in my mind.