Okay, new day, started testing again. I've been on the beach for a while but I went back to an old save after switching to DX11 with maxed settings to see if I could get through the cutscene, and I could not get any farther into it than I did before. Plus the game seems to look a hair worse so I just switched back to Vulkan (no real major difference, pick whichever you like best.)

It must be something about the areas outside of the beginning tutorial ship that's causing the game to crash with max settings, as it doesn't happen even once throughout the entire area, only during the cutscene and anything past it seemingly at random.

All of my settings consist of:

2560 x 1440 (16:9) 144hz
Vsync Disabled
Framerate Capped at 144hz (ive tried capping it at 60 and uncapping it, neither changed the result
Overall Preset is on Ultra

I've now attempted to play the game by turning off one setting at a time and getting as far as I could. So far I'm down to everything to the lowest setting itll go (or off) except for
Model Quality, Instance Distance, Texture Quality and Texture filtering.

I turned Texture Quality down to Very Low and was able to play the game for about 15-20 minutes (everything else is back to max settings), which is much longer than it usually took before it crashed before. I had to stop there because I've got things to do, but I will continue testing it by increasing the quality until it crashes again, and then setting it to max and dropping the quality of the other 3 options and see if that prevents the crash as well. It's like the game itself can't handle it own graphics so it crashes.