I hope this inquiry finds everyone safe and healthy!

I want to say I LOVE THIS GAME. I'm not here to complain, I just need some guidance on where this is going.

I've played BG3 for over 15 hours now and it strikes me that the DEVS badly need a public implementation schedule.

Some of the fundamental pillars establishing Dungeons and Dragons foundation are either missing, coming later, or completely changed. But, it is dificult to tell because you have no idea when, if at all the DEVS plan to implement the pillars.

For example, ALIGNMENT... It is a fundamental pillar of D&D . However, we don't get to outright choose our alignment at Character Creation. If so, I missed it and it wasn't in an obvious place. Maybe we choose alignment later in the game, but for now I can't tell because I can't refer to an implementation schedule. IF I did miss it, someone please tell me where I can find it because that means I'm as blind as a bat laugh

What class features from 5e are here at the beginning, or are to come later, or are completely omitted?

For example, using "find familiar" to obtain a Pseudo Dragon is a fundamental pillar of D&D since 1st edition. My warlock's "find familiar" option does not include Pseudo Dragon as an option.

Are Pseudo Dragons omitted completely? Were they too much of a hassle to create, program, and implement?

There needs to be some sort of "Implementation Notice" that gives players a heads up of what to and not to expect when it comes to the removal of fundamental pillars of D&D's foundation.

Regardless, I love palying this game!!