I found out the following and i can repeat whenever i want. Please comment if you see the same stuff. I wasn't able to do a numbered list by the way list=1 does not work.

  • Braziers in crypt cannot be lit, casting fire spells does not ignite them. [img]https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd....D0B0A4178B69A8109862D12B01B5E87DEF8E7E4/[/img]
  • If you have a torch , there is no way to lit it humanely. You have to set some place on fire and dip it in it laugh
  • Getting into and out of combat with a lit torch makes character confuse how to hold it. It holds it on its back, still burning. But hands are showing off like there is really a torch in its hand.
  • Most light sources, candles, candleholders etc. Does not remember their state if you lit them and change zones. A brazier in final area of crypt in particular shows burning buff but does not shed light.

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