my list so far. i am in druid grove and have taken the quest "save arabella"

- translation german: spell grease - translated as "fett" should be "schmieren" - scroll is correctly translated
- translation error: druid grove soup-seller not translated to german (choice 5)
- khagas key description is not translated into german

- freeing githyanki said my kin instead our kin to my githyanki char
- druid grove tiefling child perception throw is possible twice - third throw possible but throw is auto-fail
- previously sold items quantity is shown as high value (more than 1,5kk ore in the negative), when switching character during selling

graphic bugs:
- hands are not animated in dialoge (ex. old potion lady in druid grove gives you potion - potion lays sideways and hands don't grip flask)
- previously sold items are not shown with picture, when switching character during selling
- clipping errors after killing enemies - corpes ragdolling arround excessivly sometimes (ex. corps got almost shot out of map in fight with mindflare servant on the ship)

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