If wizard can't cast spell cuz someone comes to him - just not let it. It's not like wizard alone there and you not have another party members to protect him. We can't have real time combat in tabletop because there're too many dice you must calculate at the same time for each action of every player and enemy. But computer can do that for less than a second. I like real time with pause combat simply because it's faster and looks more realistic, not like B-rated action movie when enemies approaching hero only one by one. You can attack and cast spells at the same time and situation could change every second. For coop you can discuss your tactics with party members and then act simultaneously: someone stabs enemy from behind while wizard cast spell and when spell ready fighter jumps on disoriented enemies. Something like that, not "Like in Middle Ages! You must wait your turn!" (c) E. Cartman South Park The Stick of Truth.
So please Larian add Real Time with Pause as an option. Like in RTwP RPGs we have turn-based mode nowadays!

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