I have to say that you are right, is one of the more frustrating things in the game.

I do understand the way larian controls movement, and it works great when you can individually manage single members without no one following, but i will love so much, and will help so much if in adition to the DOS movement we had a select all/drag/shift click, plus formations ...

Also ... if you are pathing automatically and see me jump, jump, dont walk around
If you see me stealth, stealth, dont make me click steall in every single character, summon, familiar, friend .... (Yo gave me the option to disconect a party member and make the others dont follow, thats enought if i want to stealth only one), but if they move in a group, they should stealth in a group.

Funny d&d scene

1 character: "lets go in stealth"
its two friends: "naaa, you stealth we go with you walking normaly while we sing"

PD: i have a document 3 pages of notes that i have to post after my 12 hours playing XD