I'm hopeful at least that Liz can be adjusted a tad, change the current dialogue to be used if she really hates you (and all of reality), then play up the noble side of her character where she's supposed to cleanse reality of the Illithids because they're a threat to all life.

Downplay the arrogant xenophobia into a subtle racial supremacist vibe where she's surprised the elves learned how to pick up their own droppings as long as she keeps it to herself, but right now even to another Githyanki player she's... words cannot express.

Given I specifically designed my character to get to know her with the best chance of things not going horribly it was rather a deadpan moment truly coming to grasp the core of her character... well I say a core, really it's more like a hissing, roiling ball of spite and general hatred for all living things and that rock over there.