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Follower Mechanics
If you are not wanting to add in as many characters as the first two games did, due to the cost of voice acting, coding, animation, art and so on (Which by the way would make excellent DLC). Then add in mercenaries (A cheap cop out), or interactive followers. Two early examples of this; the Intelligence devourer, and owlbear cub. Have them as companions, they would gain levels and you could train them and give them abilities over time so they aren't a level 1 nothing.

25 companions in BG2 and only 5 in BG3. We need more, a lot of more companions.

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Alignment and Approval
Both of these mechanics need improvement.
With alignment; if you don't want to lock in choices instead have four bars (Which the player can view) where they grow based on choices made in game; Lawful, Chaotic, Good and Evil. The bars would rise and fall, allowing more dialogue options both with people and Companions. In fact could even take it a step further and allow bonuses to skills: Lawful (Persuasion), Chaotic (Deception), Evil (Intimidation) and Good (Persuasion). Additionally with the followers you would give them a flat disposition amount, so the player knows what their leanings are allowing an easier time understanding how to keep them loyal and friendly.

Alingment and reputation are necessary,

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Knowledge base: When a wizard attacks an enemy, they should be rolling to see if they know what damage times will affect it or not. Example; Imps in the beginning if you took firebolt they are taking half damage but there is no indication as the players knowledge grows in game, there should be markers for indication.

Bring back the Spellbook like BG1 and 2.

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