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Alignment is NOT a fundamental pillar of D&D...at least not in 5th Edition. The current edition has moved away from this to promote personal character motivations/actions over taking action based on alignment. Alignment was largely arbitrary anyway.

The Warlock's Find Familiar only produces new types if they take Pact of the Chain at a higher level. This should be explained at character creation. It should be clear when certain abilities and subclasses come online for players not familiar with how the pnp class works.

I do like the idea of a schedule, or a list of priorities Larian is working on, but with Covid still being a major obstacle, I'm just glad we have early access at all.

What are you talking about? Alignment has been with D&D since 1st Edition. And yes, it is included in 5e inside the player's handbook. It's included in the description of every monster description in the 5e monster manual. It is de-emphasised but still included on the 5e CHARCTER SHEET!!

How can you have protection from Good or Evil spells without ALIGNMENT. Some weapons or actions are dependent on ALIGNMENT. You don't know what you are talking about!!

NO, alignment is not arbitrary.